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Yoga Retreat led by sisters of the studio: Stephanie & Taytum

Join them rooting into Mayan culture; tapping into specially curated practices to nourish your higher being while they explore the different branches of yoga, activating the self within. They have excursions planned with plenty of time to relax in the unique serene home, with breathtaking views of inactive volcanoes that rest on tranquil water. Along with lake swimming they also have a private Jacuzzi & pool to dip in while watching the sunset. The private chef will nourish guests with delicious Ayurvedic cuisine and 2 cooking classes as they share meals. If you’re looking for the freedom to intentionally unwind while exploring a beautiful culture, please kindly reach out!

~ Stephanie Lautz 419-466-9480

~ Taytum Youssef 419-779-5327


Vital Vibes strives to support Unity in Community by uplifting & inspiring those around us

The project listed above is not affiliated with Vital Vibes Yoga & Wellness, LLC other than our love for these women as they rise and share the love of this practice. Our desire to see them succeed is a reflection of yogic prinicples found in the Yamas & Niyamas of the 8 Limbs practiced in accordance to universal union.


Ahimsa: Loving others, no fear or pride

Satya: True to our nature

Asteya: Not keeping for self

Bramacharya: Unity through equal distribution

Aparigraha: Non-possessiveness


Saucha: Benevolence

Santosha: Contentment, no need for competition

Tapas: Cleansed for austerity

Svadhyaya: Self study (go! learn & grow where it suits you!)

Isvara Pranidhan: Devotion to the universal

Wishing you ladies all the best in these roles you have devoted yourself to for this service! Tear it up! We love to watch you grow!

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